'Men that created legends, always inspire other men to create their own legends.'

For the Birla family, those inspirations came from home. For almost two centuries, the Birla Empire found its reigns in the hands of men with a vision. Pioneered by Raja Baldeo Das Birla in 1861, the company has evolved from being a locally subsistent company to a global conglomerate, putting India on the map across different sectors.

Pursuing the epitome of the same value system, the Birla legacy passed on seamlessly to the next generation. With a zeal to expand their boundaries of influence, the management responsibilities were overseen by his four sons, J.K. Birla, R.D. Birla, G.D. Birla and B.M. Birla. Bringing an insight-driven approach to work, the Birla brothers researched various industries and created brands under the Birla belt, transforming the family name from a small company to a household name.

The Birla family today stands with a heritage spread across Seven generations. However, the seed of this legendary work was germinated in the fertile soil of India’s Independence. The Birlas played a pivotal role during the Freedom Movement – walking shoulder to shoulder with India’s proud sons, our Freedom Fighters. They worked together for one single mission– To win over India’s struggle for Freedom.

Building towards the Freedom Movement, the family opened the Birla House in Mumbai as a base by welcoming our real heroes like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to bring their vision to fruition.

With Gandhian ideals at heart, the Birla family has continued to explore opportunities to empower the youth of India. Through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, they have mobilized funds to support various charitable institutions across the country. These Institutions have collectively set up more than 200 Non - for - profit Schools, Hospitals, Resthouses, Temples, Museums and Scientific Research institutes. They continue to participate in various Nation Building activities.

Delving into a diverse portfolio, the Birla Group has made its mark in a score of different industries. Of the 20 companies owned by the Group, 9 have been listed on stock exchanges. From commercial production plants, to industrial products; Steel Pipes to Chemicals; Education to Health; Auto Components to IT; the Group has conscientiously worked towards moving ahead in its diverse fields. Through innovation and technology, the Birlas have worked with integrity towards a mission of bringing products and services that enhance the lives of people across the world.